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Puppy Dreams founder Joe Fisher first fell in love with raising puppies when he was fifteen, and now over thirty years later, he still loves working with beautiful, thorough-bred Shichon and Cavachon puppies every day. 

Puppy Dreams has become a family endeavor, and our goal is for this to be a place where puppy dreams come true. 

We believe that it’s important to hold and cuddle our puppies early in life, to love them just like the babies they are. We believe strongly that the more time and love you give them, the more love you will receive. Our goal is to raise happy, healthy pups that are full of love – pups that will go to their forever home and give their family years of love and special moments – and continue to live the puppy dream for a lifetime.

Fully licensed and with dedicated living and exercise facilities custom-built for raising dogs, Puppy Dreams has been helping families fall in love with their dream dog since 1993. We’ve been raising dogs for so long for one reason: the joy of working with playful puppies and loyal dogs every day! We care deeply about our puppies, and we want them to go to great homes with loving families. We feel blessed to live in the beautiful farmland of Lancaster County, where we raise our family living for God and enjoying our farm critters – with lots of paw prints on our hearts. 

If you’re looking for a Shichon or Cavachon puppy, we’d love to help you meet your forever pup.

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