Shichon Puppies for Sale in Lancaster County

Shichons are the perfect companion for families and individuals of all ages.

Our Schichon Puppies

Affectionate and playful, Shichon puppies will bring your home unrivaled love and joy – and lots of snuggles. Their loyalty, desire for human companionship, and gentle temperament make them wonderful for even small children, and because of their affectionate personalities, they make ideal therapy dogs too.

If you’re considering a Shichon, come visit Puppy Dreams to find a well-cared for Shichon puppy waiting for you.

What Makes Shichons Great?

Shichons are a Shih Tzu-Bichon Frise mix characterized by an affectionate and playful personality, hypoallergenic fur with minimal shedding, and gentle personalities that often make them a perfect lap dog.

Shichons also go by many names, including Zuchon and even Teddy Bear.

Enjoy the love and affection of your new companion!

Our Puppy Homing Process

Get in Touch

First, call or contact us through our website to find out if or how many Shichon puppies we have that are old enough to go home with a new family, or are coming up on weaning age.

Visit Us

Pay us a visit! Our clean and sanitary facilities are located in Ronks, PA where you can meet our puppies and find the perfect Shichon to join your family.

Take Your Puppy Home

Once you’ve picked out your puppy, we require a $100 deposit if your puppy hasn’t yet reached an age where it’s ready for a new family. If your puppy is ready for a new home, you can take your dog along that day.

Get Your Forever Dog With A Shichon From Puppy Dreams

Puppy Dreams’ Shichon puppies are some of the most well cared-for on the East coast. Our puppies:

Healthy & Clean

Are up-to-date on shots and deworming medications, groomed, and have received a comprehensive bill of health from a veterinarian before they’re able to leave our estate

Genetic Health Guarantee

Have a one-year genetic health guarantee, meaning that if any genetic diseases are diagnosed within year one, you will receive a full refund or can select another puppy

Good Breeding

Come from quality mothers and fathers for good genetics, the right temperament, and the hypoallergenic characteristics you’re looking for in your forever dog

Come Prepared

Go home with a toy, collar and leash, and a bag of puppy food that they’re already used to eating

Ready to Join Your Family

Are cute, affectionate, and ready to join your family as a loving new companion!


FAQs About Puppy Dreams Shichon Puppies

Yes, our customers often ask to meet the parents of our Shichons, and we’re happy to show you our mothers and fathers.

We have shipped Shichon puppies throughout the lower 48 states using a dog courier service, though we prefer that you come and meet your puppy before you take him or her home!

Not always. Sometimes we are in-between puppy litters and may not have puppies old enough to leave their mother. But you can still come see our puppies and pick one or some out that you think you’d like to take home as soon as they’re ready. All we require to reserve your Shichon puppy is a $100 deposit.

Buy A Shichon Puppy Today

If you’re considering a new family member and Shichon puppy in Pennsylvania, Puppy Dreams is your experienced, caring Shichon source. We love our puppies, and we look forward to finding the same love and care in a family like yours. 

Call or get in touch through our website to reserve your beautiful Shichon today.