Cavachon Puppies for Sale in Lancaster County

Small, energetic, happy, and FUN, Cavachons are perfect for small homes and as a family pet for those with allergy concerns.

Our Cavachon Puppies

As a cross between a Bichon and Cavalier, these puppies bring the best of both breeds: love, kindness, and fulfilling energy each day. 

Bring life and companionship to your home with none of the allergens – consider a loving and laid-back Cavachon from Puppy Dreams today. 

What Are Cavachons?

Cavachons are a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are affectionate, companionable, and some even describe Cavachons as true “couch potatoes!” These loving dogs are great for families, thrive even in small homes, but don’t have some of the finicky nature of other small designer breeds. Sturdy and refined, a Cavachon is perfect for any home or family who wants a loving family member that won’t lead to sneezing or itchy noses.

Enjoy the love and affection of your new companion!

How Our Puppy Buying Process Works

Get in Touch

Call or contact us through our website to find out if or how many Cavachon puppies we have that are old enough to go home with a new family, or are coming up on the right age for weaning.

Visit Us

Pay us a visit! Our clean and sanitary facilities are located in Ronks, PA where you can meet all of our puppies, play indoors or outdoors with our dogs, and find the perfect Cavachon to join your family.

Take Your Puppy Home

Once you’ve picked out your puppy, we require a $100 deposit if your Cavachon puppy hasn’t yet reached an age where it’s ready for a new family. If your puppy is ready for a new home, you can take your puppy along that day.

What Makes A Cavachon From Puppy Dreams So Enjoyable

Puppy Dreams’ Cavachon puppies are loved, cared for, and ready for a home like yours. Every puppy will:

Healthy & Clean

Leave our facility fully up-to-date on shots and deworming medications, recently groomed, and have received a comprehensive bill of health from a veterinarian

Genetic Health Guarantee

Come with a one-year genetic health guarantee, meaning that if any genetic diseases are diagnosed within year one, you will receive a full refund or can select another puppy

Good Breeding

Come from good stock with known genetics, the right temperament, and the hypoallergenic characteristics you’re looking for in your Cavachon

Come Prepared

Go home with a toy, collar and leash, and a bag of puppy food that they’re already used to eating. Also, include an optional microchip with full health details and information

Ready to Join Your Family

Are cute, affectionate, and ready to join your family as a loving new companion!


Common Questions About Cavachons

You sure can, as our Cavachon parents are on-site and love meeting visitors!

All of our puppy parents are fully vaccinated and checked by a vet twice yearly.

Bring Home a
Cavachon Puppy Today

Bring cheer and joy to your home with a cared-for Cavachon pup from Puppy Dreams today. 

Call or check out our website to see our puppies, learn more, or reserve your loving new puppy today.